5 Things I Love About Startups

Posted by Warren Bergen on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Under: Business
1. Creativity - At no other time in an organization’s life cycle, is the team more creative than at the start. Ideas are flowing freely and everything is new. At the start, it’s a blank slate and you can be anything. Baggage is either non-existent or very limited. Teaming with people who want to venture out with you and are just as committed is a tremendously exciting time. A word of caution: while many feel that process is irrelevant at the start, it is critical. The venture that heads three degrees off in the wrong direction will end up far from its goal. Creativity is the seed of creation. To make something where there once was nothing, is a reflection of heart, soul and dedication.

Opportunity – Every entrepreneur wants to win. The definition of “win” can be quite varied. Some want a lifestyle business and make enough to fund the other interests in their life. Others want to take their pulls at the jackpot machine and repeatedly work toward a row of 7s. Most are within the middle range. They make their plan, work the plan and strive towards an exit in the meaty portion of the M&A pie. Whatever the "win" is, a team working toward a clear goal provides an exciting way to spend your time.

3. Execution – I’ve seen well over 1,000 deals in the past decade and I’m still quite surprised at how few have made it. It is so rare, that when I do see a plan coming together and sales taking off, it provides a very real rush. I find it doubly exciting when an entrepreneur that has tried and failed, tries again and wins. Most will never ride again when they've fallen. Those that are not afraid to get back on that horse are truly remarkable and real entrepreneurs.

4. Impact – Every successful company was once a startup. Many of them have made great improvements to our everyday lives. Making positive changes in the world is without question, an honorable pursuit. Startups that enable simplicity, save money, save time, save lives or allow others to create, work, and live more efficiently deserve our notice.

5. People - Entrepreneurs are for the most part, the most interesting people to talk to in the world. These are people who want to build something. They’re dreamers, risk takers and our modern day explorers. They don’t even have to be profit motivated. Entrepreneurs in all their forms include those who build the non-profits into societal change agents. At their best and most pure, entrepreneurs allow all of us to believe that tomorrow can be better than it is today. 

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