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Posted by Warren Bergen on Friday, November 25, 2011 Under: Introduction
My original view of blogging was incorrect. I felt the world simply had enough writers providing mostly properly edited content through various channels of established media. To add to this seemingly well functioning machine, would simply be overkill. Like so many times before I was wrong and year ago, I began to see. I found insightful, well-written posts from around the world and began to assemble a list of my frequent must-reads. 

So why am I now casting further text upon the heaving, bloated Goliath of the blogosphere? This morning, BlogPulse reported 177,579,656 total indentified blogs. I have two reasons and I hope that they are enough. 

1. I want to help entrepreneurs. I've helped lots in person. Perhaps I can reach more this way.
2. I enjoy writing

I have been a entrepreneur and have had my share of success and failure. During the three years that I managed an investment network, I screened over 600 deals for angel investors and venture capitalists. I consulted to a lot of early stage entrepreneurs looking to raise the money they needed. And now, I'm again working for a company that invests in early stage IT, agri-value and life science companies and I sit on the advisory boards of several early stage companies. In short, capital is one of the main reasons that a lot of early stage companies fail. Management is the other. After seeing now well over 1,000 deals, there are a lot of entrepreneurs making the same set of mistakes that result in not finding the necessary capital. I can help and I will try to provide that help through this blog. 

The posts that I provide are my opinion and the result of having made some mistakes and done a few things right. My promise here is to provide a mix of posts. A lot will be about early stage ventures and entrepreneurship. There will be posts as well that have nothing to do with either. Why? Because business isn't everything.

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